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The company started with the development and production of winding systems for several categories of industrial textile machines.
In the in the meantime, however, the firm also stands out on the global market as one the most important producer of special machines for the construction of textiles structures at 0/90/60°, which are steplessly coated at high speeds. 
The plants for the coating of geo-textiles grids of every weight are used worldwide at the time being, and they are used for high technology and for a continuous and efficient processing at low energy consumes.
Moreover, Ontec has also specialised in the developing of hardware and software for robotic and automated lines, which are applied by Companies that are well known in the automotive and medical sectors.
Their references, in any of these fields, are the most important existing on the market.
A Company always ready to meet all your needs.
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Textiles industry: 


20851 Lissone - Via Varese, 72

P.IVA 08320690962

Tel: +39 039.460159
Fax: + 39 039.481453
Email: info@alkotex1954.it

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