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Herbert Meyer is a German reality which was founded in 1949, specializing in the production of laminating machines and presses, as well as technologies forthermo moulding.
The development in the thermoplastic dusts spreading is quite important.
Such dusts allow the coating of products in order to make them thermoplastic for the further manufacturing or for the simple laminating with other elements.
Their Company philosophy can be summarized in their guiding principle: ideas that bond.
This is the story of a successful family-run business.
They are now at the third generation, but the leitmotif has always been the flexibility and capability of satisfying the consumer’s requirements.
Their range of products can be found in their web site:


Presses, molding and hot stamping: 
Powder Scatterer: 


20851 Lissone - Via Varese, 72

P.IVA 08320690962

Tel: +39 039.460159
Fax: + 39 039.481453
Email: info@alkotex1954.it

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