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Enka Tecnica is specialised in the construction of spinnerets for the following sectors:
  • Spinnerets for the production of mono-and multifilament also with complex section (technical and industrial yarns, garments, synthetic grass ecc..).
  • Spinnerets for micro-fibres production (automotive, garments, medical)
  • Spinnerets for spunbond production ( TNT for automotive sector, medical, healthcare, domestic).
  • Spinnerets for two component technology fibres(synthetic leather, filtration, special monofilaments).
  • Spinnerets for the production of hollow fibres (medical, industrial, sportswear).
  • Extrusion of special fibres and polymers (customised applications on request).
  • Spinnerets for the production of acrylic fibres (clothing and cigarettes filters).
  • Jet strips for the spunlace production (automotive, medical, domestic).
  • Spinnerets in noble Au-Pt alloy for the production of viscose and aramid (clothing, ballistic, aerospace, underwater cables and so on..)
  • Possibility to create spinnerets for special projects with specific characteristics.
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20851 Lissone - Via Varese, 72

P.IVA 08320690962

Tel: +39 039.460159
Fax: + 39 039.481453
Email: info@alkotex1954.it

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