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Protechna deals with the production of devices for the constant controlling and monitoring of the quality and the production of warp-knitted fabrics, as well as the control of entanglements in the weaving machines, as well as the quality of yarns during preparation and warping.
As a matter of fact, Protechna has been famous for its reliability and high precision components for more than 50 years, which ensure a continuous supervision on the different steps of the production, on sectional and fractional warping units, where the presence of every single thread must be guaranteed, together with the control of the fibres breakage through an optical-electronic control, and the measuring of an always homogeneous tension of the yarns during warping.
The Protechna products always assure a quality production thanks to a certain detection method.

Please visit their website to have further information:
Camscan (digital yarn counting): 
Scan for warp knitting machines: 
Laserstop (yarn breackage monitoring): 
Laserstop loom ( for weft insertion machines): 
Warpstop (yarn quality control): 
Tensoscan (yarn tension control): 


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