Twine Solutions is a technology startup that has developed a proprietary and revolutionary digital on-demand thread dyeing system and a digital dye-to-match color application.

Twine’s system continuously dyes a single raw off-the-shelf white thread to any requested length and in any color, with a choice of millions of colors and shades as well as color gradients. Its disruptive technology is revolutionizing the thread, fabric and garment industries by eliminating the long, messy, cumbersome conventional bulk dyeing of thread that is common practice today.

The company was founded in 2015 in Israel, the world hub of digital printing, and has over 50 seasoned professionals, and growing, with deep experience in the industry across a variety of disciplines, including Ph.Ds They have expertise in: materials and process, physics, nano materials, algorithms and mechanics.

Twine’s DST™ (Digital Selective Treatment) technology enables thread dyeing on-demand, with thread ready to use within seconds . Twine’s digitally dyed threads meet the highest industry standards using a unique, waterless, eco-friendly process.

Twine eliminates the need for maintaining colored thread stock. It dramatically reduces logistics costs, eliminating dead stock and other waste costs. This innovative single thread, multi-color method will unleash your creativity by removing design limitations while improving production efficiencies, margins, and overall profitability, resulting in a ROI and a low Total Cost of Ownership.

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