Twine’s Vision
To lead the digital transformation in the thread and textile industries for better performance and greater sustainability
Having developed their proprietary thread dyeing technology and ink, they have taken the lead in the digital revolution in the textile industry. By transforming the supply chain paradigm to on-demand manufacturing, Twine promises to effect significant economic change and positive ecological impact.

Twine’s Story
Founded by twins, Erez and Alon Moshe, Twine Solutions represents the unique Israeli synergy between innovation, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship. Both share this entrepreneurial spirit, with their decades of experience in the print and software industries.
As accomplished artists, creativity and color have also been a passion since childhood.
The eureka moment for Twine started with a towel:
When Erez saw multi-colored embroidery on his bath towel, he was struck with the thought: If only there were some type of digital color technology, the embroiderer could simply stock white thread. He and Alon proceeded to test the idea using generic inks and a crude thread-driving mechanism. They gave their mother the colored thread to work with. A highly experienced seamstress, she loved the idea of selecting her own custom thread colors, giving the idea a thumbs-up.
In the meantime, Alon researched the industry and discovered a great opportunity. He learned the fashion industry was in desperate need of sustainable solutions for its supply chains. This realization provided a huge incentive to develop an eco-friendly technology to address some of these issues. Erez and Alon arrived at the idea of developing a waterless ink/dye in a digital, on-demand process (modeling the idea on digital printing).
Digital print and color is an important chapter in the Israeli high-tech story — and it’s where many members of Twine’s expert team gained experience and knowledge. The Twine team is dedicated to bringing about much-needed change to the fashion and textile industries.

Awards & Patents

Six granted patents (and four pending)
  • Digital thread dyeing process
    (WO/2017/013651, WO/2017/203524, WO/2019/106679)
  • Color algorithms related to digital thread dyeing
  • Color detection algorithms
  • Authentication with digital thread dyeing
  • Twine WINS at the Cleantech Open Global
    Competition in Los Angeles (2018)
  • Twine WINS in Israeli Finals of the Cleantech Open in
    Tel Aviv (2018)
  • Twine wins Best Process-Sustainable Textiles award
    at the Future Textiles Awards 2017


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