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The German Company Eurolaser has been producing plants for the CO² laser cutting for more than 20 years, which find concrete applications in a wide range of materials such as cardboard, Plexiglas, wood, membranes and many others.
The quality of their cutting stands out from the other ones present on the marketsince their laser source (thanks to their patented method) is separated from the axis movement and it assures the maximum quality and reliability in the production.
The machine base was delivered by the Swiss firm Zund, which has always been providing the highest reliability and simplicity of usage, since it’s a leader on the market in different industrial applications.
Eurolaser and Zund, with this combination, guarantee the greatest work versatility, since the usage of the laser cutting together with other blade utensils is possible, which can be chosen among the ones offered by the Swiss Company.
Last, but not the least, Eurolaser also guarantees the maximum safety for your operators at work, with all its high efficiency components, which are necessary for the fumes filtration.
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