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Temco is a German producer of high performance mechanical components for textile machinery and much others.
As a matter of fact, the company tendency in the last years has been the packaging, paper and diapers sector.
The core business can be differentiated in 3 different sectors: 
  • Textile sector for texturizing components.
  • Special bearings engineering.
  • Processing of high precision components.
Until 1993 the company was part of the FAG Kugelfischer Group, famous producer of bearings, known worldwide.
In 1994, with the parting from FAG group, the Company TEMCO was created, which in the following years was included first in the Oerlikon Group, and then in  SAURER , specializing in the construction of texturizing spindles.
Recently has been included into the Rieter group.
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Bearing elements: 


20851 Lissone - Via Varese, 72

P.IVA 08320690962

Tel: +39 039.460159
Fax: + 39 039.481453
Email: info@alkotex1954.it

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