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The Barudan Company is a Japanese reality which has been producing embroidery machines since 1959, the best characteristic of which is the high quality of its components, which allows an absolute reliability together with the soft stitch you can compare to the old hand made embroidery.
Nowadays the Company exists in 9 countries and its machines are used and appreciated in more than 100 countries all over the world.
The array of machines and applied technologies are really eclectic, from the simple single head machine to the multi head combined machines, with chenille and loop stich and special heads for the application of decorations.
Ennobling of fabrics with sequins from 2 to 25 mm thanks to fast and precise devices, and special machines which propose measures and needle distances of the “Schiffli” alternative.
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20851 Lissone - Via Varese, 72

P.IVA 08320690962

Tel: +39 039.460159
Fax: + 39 039.481453

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