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The Heberlein Company has always been famous for its capability of producing high quality products for the finishing of synthetic yarn.
Their range of products include: jet inserts and air jets for the POY/FDY spinning, machines for texturizing, air covering, parallel fibres and BCF.
In the field of air texturizing, we can find the special cores suitable to every kind of yarn count and application, cores housing and humidification heads, as well as yarn suction guns and POY splicers.
Interlacing device for draw- warping machines.
The whole thing is characterized by an extreme air consumption saving, together with the manufacturing quality.
Please visit their site to have an overview of all their products:

Yarn suction (Lufan): 
Air interlacing Polyjet- 2HP: 
SlideJet-FT15-2. Air interlacing for false-twist texturing: 
DTY Swiss Jet: 
TexJet -ATY: 
Interlacing WarpJet-KV: 


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